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Canon Name: Sakura Kinomoto
Work Name: Peony
Canon: Cardcaptor Sakura

Age/Sex/Gender: 11/F/F
Height: 153cm (5')
Species/Supernatural Qualities: Human/Magical abilities that include super luck, prophetic dreams, fortune telling, spirit manifestation (via some magical cards she's got), and sensing other magical entities/objects. If your character is some sort of non-human or magic user, chances are she will be drawn to them, but if you'd prefer that she doesn't know right off the bat of their non-human/magical status, please let me know first and that can definitely be arranged! She can be kind of oblivious so

Occupation/s: N/A
Point Total: 0
- 1 Work uniform
- Book containing her cards (The Light, The Dark, The Watery, The Firey, The Earthy, The Windy, The Fly, The Wood, The Flower, The Shadow, The Erase, The Mirror, The Maze, The Thunder, The Glow, The Sword, The Shield, The Jump, and The Illusion.)
Other Notes:


Platonic Physical Contact: Heck yeah go for it
Romantic/Sexual Physical Contact: Dude she's 11 um you're welcome to try it if it seems in character but don't expect a positive reaction I guess :v
Violent Physical Contact: Run it by me first, please!
Mindreading: Again, I'd prefer it if you get in touch with me about this first.
IC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: Nothing important to note here!
OOC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: v(unsure)v
Other Notes:
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Name: Mel
Contact: Email, AIM, Plurk, etc.
Are you over 17?: Yep!
Characters in Forest Covered: Sakamichi Onoda (Hime - [profile] candenceclimber)and Ren Mihashi (Hoshi - [personal profile] slowpitch)


Name/Work Name: Sakura Kinomoto (Peony)
Canon: Cardcaptor Sakura
Canon Point: Post manga, before the time skip
AU/CRAU: Regular variety!
Age: 11
History: Wiki link to a summary of the manga!
Personality: Sakura introduces herself several times to the reader through the series, always insisting that she's a very normal sort of girl. She likes athletic activities, is no good at math, and she just so happens to be in possession of a great deal of magical power. She does her best to outline that the abilities, while very important, do not dictate her personality, and that first and foremost she is a young girl with plenty of normal interests and hobbies. Additionally, the magic does not make her a perfect person, as she has flaws the same way any other person would, and is quick to acknowledge this fact.

Outwardly, Sakura is a very friendly individual. A major thing she insists on through the series is that she does not want to become a superior to anyone, but rather their friend, and such conviction often nets her respect from her comrades. She's stalwart in this stance even during battles, such as when capturing Clow cards (magic forces that are causing havoc with no one to reign them in). She goes out of her way to find the most peaceful ways to subdue her opponents, finding it more effective than using force against them. Similarly, this conviction carries over to her relationships with her peers. When faced with a somewhat menacing force in a transfer student, Shaoran Li, who swears to be her rival, she does what she can to offer her assistance, and never gloats when coming out on top over him. Eventually, her accessible attitude and friendly demeanor earns his friendship, and the two become allies instead of enemies. Sakura is also seen on good terms with most of her classmates, teachers, and even the most stubborn individuals she comes to meet.

Sakura is often shown to be very emotionally invested in other people. She cares very deeply about her friends, and goes to great lengths to assure that they are safe and as happy as she can help them be. She is willing to put up with her best friends embarrassing requests of putting on fancy costumes and having her magical exploits filmed (though not without the small, occasional fuss), simply because the two of them are so close. She offers herself as an ear to listen whenever her friends are having trouble, knowing that she would and does receive the same treatment with the roles reversed. This extends also to people she does not know as well, such as when she meets and befriends an elderly man in the course of a few days, and when the two have to part, she offers him the gift of a rainbow created from her magic, knowing that the sight was one of his favorite things, and wanting to leave him with something he would love. Even people who have given her trouble over the course of the series receive her compassion, as when she offers a sincere and heartfelt wish of good luck to Shaoran in winning the affections of the person he loves, despite their rocky start and unconventional friendship.

It's perhaps because of her compassionate nature, but Sakura is very easily led into deception. It doesn't take very much to get her to believe any manner of tall tale or outrageous claim. As long as it's said with conviction, there's an overwhelming chance she'll buy whatever's being stated. A running gag in the series comes in the form of one of her classmates who is fond of telling outrageous lies, things that no one should believe for the sake of a laugh or two, which Sakura falls for nearly every time. Her naivety does not stop there, however. Sakura is the sort of person who lacks subtlety and often misses less obvious social cues from others, such as confusing romantic love with platonic love when it comes to her peers, or mistaking her brother's less-than-gentle methods of keeping her safe as attempts to pick on her. This trait is likely a testament to her young age, as she has no reason to not believe someone who sounds so sure of themselves, nor has she developed any real sense of finesse.

Sakura isn't prone to being deterred from her goals. In times where she has trouble believing in herself, she uses her 'invincible spell', 'Things will surely be all right', in order to boost her own morale and find the courage to continue. Though she canonically has the force of supernatural good luck on her side, her up-beat attitude and strong spirit are the biggest factors in her constant success. Following an astronomy motif present in the series, her powers are often likened to that of a star in that she does not draw from an outside source, but finds her own strength to shine from within. Even so, this does not make her an island, as she holds tremendous value in the support of others, taking their encouragement and help in order to strengthen her own resolve and carry her through times when she does have to face hardships on her own.

With her honest and earnest personality, Sakura is probably one of the most dependable people in series. While she makes herself accessible to others, she never pushes them for details, and does her best to avoid making others uncomfortable. She never gives personal details about others away, only asking for help using vague terms if the need arises to insert herself into someone else's affairs. She knows her duty as a magician and the keeper of the Clow cards and protector of her home city of Tomoeda is a very serious one, and refuses to slack off, even when things seem impossibly hard. If a problem presents itself that completely stumps her, she spends as much time as possible thinking up a solution, looking for clues around her, and doing her absolute best until she can triumph.

Above all, Sakura has a very real, very honest belief in the good of everyone. This trait shines through the most when it comes to dealing with opposing forces, such as the initial confrontations she faces with the antagonistic Shaoran, and the cryptic and concerning behavior that surrounds Eriol Hiiragizawa, the mysterious transfer student from England. While both of these characters are painted in a gray at best, typically negative fashion from her friends and the circumstances they are placed in, her unwavering belief that they are truly good people pays off in the end and allows her to uncover their true motivations and personalities.
Debt: Sakura was brought in under the assumption that Syaoran was here (Or, will be? The Witch was very unclear!) and that he needs/will need her help in paying off his debt!
Suitability: While the idea of being in servitude to someone else isn't exactly appealing, Sakura knows that she'll be in Koriko for a good reason. She can be a hard worker when she sets her mind to it, and if it's to help out someone dear to her, she'll go through any lengths she needs to.

Previous Game Info: Nothing to see here!

Inventory: 1 Tomoeda winter school uniform, as well as the pendant that turns into her sealing wand/summoning staff, and the book containing her cards!

Abilities, Strengths, and Weaknesses: Sakura is, very obviously, a magically inclined individual. Powers natural to her include divination/fortune telling (the medium to convey this power is her cards), as well as prophetic dreams and what can only be described as 'super luck'. With the use of her cards, she can manifest spirits (typically of an elemental variety, though some are a little more abstract) and use their powers to her own ends. Additionally, sensing magic is also in her repertoire of abilities, and she'll typically be attracted to things that are nonhuman, even if she can't recognize why. Most of her powers need her cards as a means of showing themselves, however, so without them her magic isn't nearly as obvious.
Besides that, she's a pretty average young girl, and a lot of her strengths and weaknesses are tied to that! She's extremely naive, but on the flip side can see a lot of good in people. Where someone older might assess a situation as dangerous and needing of caution, she can take a slightly more reckless view on it, armed with her 'invincible spell', "Everything will surely be all right".


Characterization Sample:
A thread from a previous game!
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Name: Sakura Kinomoto
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Canon: Cardcaptor Sakura
Timeline: End of the manga, before the time skip.
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